The New York Times Best Selling Author

David Compton

Novels and sample reviews


The Acolyte (original hardback) / Executive Sanction (paperback)


“A thriller with layers of suspense, tension, and a wicked plot” – John Grisham

“A scary and cautionary tale of conspiracy in very high places” – James Patterson

“There are stars in the making and David Compton is one of them” – Wall Street Journal

“Compton’s thriller will keep you turning the pages way past bedtime” – Rocky Mountain News

“An explosive combination of murder, violence and national security guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of the seat” – Chattanooga Times

“High concept and cinematic execution . . . Compton delivers these in spades . . . Lickety-split pacing”

       – Publishers Weekly

“Excellent . . . David Compton’s first venture into the thriller field is one that should assure him of much future success” –  Winston-Salem Journal



Impaired Judgment


“Move over John Grisham and Scott Turow,  and make room for David Compton, among the master weavers of legal suspense/political intrigue tapestries . . . Compton spins a web of mob brutality, extortion, malignant loyalties, judicial integrity and political ambition that ensnares the First Family in its sticky mesh . . . He pulls the reader to frightening heights of suspense and plunges them into the lowest troughs, where the righteously compromisable are forced to compromise and the question of just who is good guys are hangs in the balance” – The Tennessean

“Conspiracy in high places . . . As Christie made her formula work brilliantly [in And Then There Were None], so too does Compton. This is the ultimate end-of-summer book . . .sets just the right tone” –  Boston Globe

“A tense plot whose twists and turns include corrupt courts, a mob ring, blackmail, and a political scandal or two. . . Fast-paced suspense and political intrigue”                             –  Publishers Weekly



Family Sins


“Compton takes the reader on a thrilling ride of deception, misconception, murder and mayhem. Just when you think everything is lining up, another path is blown to bits with each page turned. This book is a missive of suspense and a missal of controversy, guaranteed to carry the reader along to thrilling heights and chilling lows. This story is a must for any fan of intrigue and suspense.” –  The Best Reviews

“This is a very dark gritty and gory work that shows how two related crime families work against each other when they are supposed to be working together to make the big score. Compton has written an exciting crime thriller where the hero walks on both sides of the law. The compelling crime thriller is a powerful reading experience.”                               –  Harriet Klausner

“Compton has built an engrossing and fascinating story of international crime and brutality in FAMILY SINS . . . Keeps the reader's attention thoroughly. Filled with action and danger, well-drawn characters and deep emotions, FAMILY SINS is a fast and satisfying mystery.” –  Reviewing the Evidence